Table of Contents


Table of Contents:


Medicine in Society

Mediatized Health
Medicine in the Media: ‘Do text in your body parts’
Health & Medicine in Cyberspace
The Internet as a Mass Medium?
Overview of Text


Chapter 1:
Medicalization in Cyberspace

Medicalization & Medical Sociology
Consuming Medicalization

Chapter 2:
Cybermedical Bodies

Digital Culture Retrospective
The Cyborg Ritual
Visible Humans in BodyWorlds

Chapter 3:
Cybermedicine & Reliability Discourse

Beyond Information
The medical control of health information

Chapter 4:
Virtual Governance of Health Behaviour

Public Health Promotion in Cyberspace
The healthy cyber citizen
The commercialisation of obesity discourse in cyberspace
Digital Self-Governance
Virtual Morality

Chapter 5:
Cyberpatients, Illness Narratives and medicalization
Online health communities
Illness narratives
Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome and the contradictory culture of cybermedicalization


Chapter 6:
Partial Prostitution

The eBay Auction for a Human Kidney
Not Another Human Clone!
Egg Pharm, Inc

Chapter 7:
Biological Property Rights in Cyberspace

Reproductive Rights in Cyberspace
Intellectual & Biological Property Rights
Viagra, Spam & CyberPharmacies
The End of Medical History and The Last Prosthesis

Chapter 8:
The Online Pro-Ana Movement

Pro-Ana environments
The politics of Pro-Ana
Pro-Ana and Cybermedicalization
Pro-Ana Bodies

Chapter 9:
The Bioethics of Cybermedicalization

The Ethics Within Pro-Ana
Posthumanism: The Absent Present
Textual Bodies
Prosthetic Burdens

After-Cyborgs or Artificial Life



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  1. […] to read a new book titled The Medicalization of Cyberspace written by Andy Miah and Emma Rich (see Table of Contents) The entire infrastructure and culture of medicine is being transformed by digital technology, […]

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